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Candy (feat. Ny)

A short story about little Daisy and her uncle. Written by me and drawn by the super sweet and talented Ny. She’s currently working on a new webcomic, so I suggest you to keep her Tapastic profile under watch ;)

Only one more short story left! And then… a special December surprise!!


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Yesterday’s children

Hey, people! Just letting you know that I will be uploading this short story while I work on the second issue of my comics magazine.

This is the first Lucerna Comics Zine special, featuring kid Elliot, his family and dinosaurs. I have retouched it for web publishing.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. The main storyline will resume afterwards :).

Be right back!

The comic will be back as soon as my arm is better. Thank you all for your patience!

Art is by the lovely and talented Romana <3

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